In March, I spontaneously launched the Nude skin challenge, which several hundred people spontaneously joined. 

The principle was simple: since our movements were limited, our ways of interacting with others deeply transformed, why not give our skin a break? A break with less care, less or no makeup and more inside care.

The enthusiasm for this message has given me the courage to share this truth more often and louder. Too often, we don't really dare to look at our skin. We cover it, we hide it at almost all costs.

To dare to face your skin and the messages it sends to us is to discover that it is a great ally. Its redness, its wrinkles or fine lines, its pimples, its pores, its texture, its pigment spots literally speak to us.

But our skin speaks to us in a language that is sometimes difficult to understand when we are in a whirlwind of occupations and concerns.

It tells us about some of our inflammations, whether internal or external. She asks us sometimes with kindness, but too often in an insistent manner, to look at these manifestations, to address them, to rest, to take care of us.

I am honored to encourage you to deeply regenerate your skin, and your well-being with the #nudeskinchallenge

On Saturday October 10th at 2:00 p.m., I will be hosting a virtual workshop to explore together the basics of internal and external rituals that will allow you to wear less makeup or even none! . Then, 28 days of rituals will accompany you on this path.

I look forward to seeing you there.

With love,