Our Philosophy


We’re always looking for the best of nature. We work with premium quality ingredients grown with respect for people and nature. We value what nature offers in abundance. We are responsibly taking advantage of all the ecosystems of our planet and what they have to offer.



Far from the conventional approach that consists in solving our organic problems by the inorganic, at LUXCEY, we believe that the solution to our organic problems lies within nature and its organic essence. So we use an abundance of natural ingredients. We make our products in small batch in order to deliver the freshest products possible. In addition, we use our ingredients in their most raw form because we believe in the work of our generous nature.



Far from the ready-made formulas of the laboratories, our formulas have been developed over a very long time. For the past twenty years, Rose has refined her formulas through her encounters, discoveries and readings. Before offering these formulas to the greatest number, they have been refined and tested in laboratory to ensure their quality. In addition to the active ingredients for the health of your skin and to take full advantage of what nature offers, we add natural ingredients to make our products pleasant to the touch. We also use natural fragrances that allow for a unique sensory experience. To put pleasure back into the heart of the natural skincare experience, we work with several French perfumers from the Grasse region, perfumers who use only natural ingredients. Thus, we can offer unique olfactory signatures without the use of essential oils to meet the needs of the most reactive skin.




In order to respect nature’s ingredients, the work of those who supply them as well as the work of our teams, it was important for us that our products be offered in glass bottles. Glass bottles are reusable and they preserve our product better. The choice of transparent bottles comes from the desire to show the product and to highlight its material. In cases where light is more problematic for preserving the quality of the ingredients, we opted for amber glass.




As we seek to promote our product and its ingredients, we also want to be transparent with the people who use our products. LUXCEY products are therefore free from any promise. Above all, it’s the rituals and the way you use them that will make a difference. We are the first users of our products and we are very proud of them. They are certified by the love we put in them.

I am beyond excited to share these treasures with you.

Avec Amour,

Rose - Founder of Luxcey